2024 Oklahoma Deer/Wild Boar Combo

December 17-21, 2024


If you’ve ever been curious about hunting as an option to source your own organic protein but have been hesitant because you don’t know how or if a spouse or friend ask why, or what’s it all about, show them the video on this page.

Outdoor Solutions has been sending clients to hunt with this outfitter since 2009, last year was our first FFTT event in Oklahoma and it was an absolute blast. Below is a video from our first FFTT event at our Oklahoma location.

This part of Oklahoma is rich with a combination of agriculture, river bottom and deep draws, which makes for outstanding deer habitat. This area also has no shortage of wild hogs or whitetail deer. Upon arrival we will confirm zero with rifles and prepare for the evenings hunt.

Next, experienced hunting guides bring guests into the field where they’ll learn about shot placement, and how to care for the animal in the field. This hunt for wild game will take people who prefer grass-fed beef and free-range poultry to another level. This is an ethical and honest experience as nature intended.

Then, after the hunt, guests are cleanly shown how to butcher and process game to respectfully preserve the meat for the table.

Finally, an award-winning chef meets guests in the kitchen. After expert instruction, guests break into teams to cook meat taken from the hunt . They then gather for a meal, a feast in which they’ll feel and know the deep connection we have to our sustenance.

In the end guests go home with succulent wild game meat they harvested, the knowledge of how to expertly prepare the meat for the table and an experience that has changed them.

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  • 4 nights lodging/ 4 days (Double Occupancy)
  • All meals during your stay
  • Shooting instruction overview before your first hunt
  • Guided Hunting for  1 Mature whitetail doe and Wild Hog (2 meat hogs)
  • Butchering Session with industry professional (learn to break down primal cuts and then separate muscle groups)
  • 1 animal Packaged and Vacuum sealed, the other 2 will be quartered for you to take home
  • Hands on, Chef instructed cooking session from game harvested during your hunt. Learn cooking techniques for different muscles
  • Offerings from local winery, distillery or brewery

not Included:

Hunting License, Gratuities


Ranch house style lodging, 4 bedroom, 2 bath with common area and dining room

trip duration:

4 Nights/4 Days (Arrive at noon on day one for lunch, shooting instruction, hunt that evening, hunt two full days, then butchering session, meal prep with Chef Wutsch, dinner served, depart next morning)


$3250 Per person


Taloga, OK


Arrive December 17 2023 Depart 21st

gear list:




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If you have any questions, please reach out to us (below) or call us at (918) 258-7817. 

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Assumption of Risks:
Hunting and fishing adventures are inherently dangerous. You represent that you are healthy, that you have no physical limitations that would prevent you from participating in the trip and that your physical condition will not endanger any other participant. You knowingly and voluntarily assume all risks associated with all aspects of your trip. We do not guarantee your safety or a successful trip.

Responsibility of Clients:
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