Have Bino's Will Travel

August 24, 2020

Margie Nelson

From Field To Table contributor, Margie Nelson (The WyldGourmet) has spent many years chasing wild game in Montana where she calls home. She has shared some of her essential gear with us and it’s all gear she carries in her bino case.

We aren’t sure but we think maybe her bino case is made by Samsonite. Read on…

I always have certain things in my truck that I usually end up using.  It is weird for people to see a collapsible set of butchering knives that all separate from their handles and fit nicely and neatly into a zip up container under my seat.  I have targets, ammo, ear protection and eye protection in the compartments under one back seat and tow straps in the other.  I have a little pair of old binoculars that my Grandpa always carried in his truck.  I have toilet paper, towelettes and electricians tape.  I have Armour all and paper towels.  I have a spare hitch with an alternate ball size, there is usually a weapon of some sort and I always have my Bino Case that houses another whole group of “Essential Items.”

My Bino Case came equipped with a handy dandy already securely attached lens cloth.  Very Nice!  I added my Binos and attached them as they should be and in the bottom of the case under the bottom of my Binos is a spare orange vest, either nicely folded or just wadded up, it fits!  In the self-closing “door” there are two or three small zipped, velcro’d or mesh pockets to store many things.  I have some Dude Wipes and band aides in one, all of my Tag’s and Licenses in another and one of those little folded up silver emergency blankets.  In my book, these are all essential items.  My bino case has a pocket in the back that you can unfold and use for a Camel back.  I never use it for that, I put a head lamp in there.  The head lamp is only uncomfortable if you lay down with your case on or lean back quickly in the seat, it only takes once or twice before you remember.   You can also put your Therma cell in there if you want that close and handy.  Which brings us to my add on bag.  I also have a neat little attached bag that carries two knives (one for skinning and one for gutting) a wood cutting wire saw, electricians tape and my range finder.

I know this sounds like a lot for a bino case but there is a method to my madness. One trip that I remember, three fellow hunters called me because none of them had a knife, they had two nice bulls and a calf down…no knife between the three of them.   And Since we work with knives, we may need band aids.  Having said that, Dude Wipes are a must have.  They have Aloe and Vitamin E and are biodegradable.  Girls, do not waste your money on the girly wipes, these are literally the best thing next to your skin you will ever find and again…BIO-DEGRADABLE…just bury it!

Tags, head lamp and an extra orange vest seem to be no brainers.  You never know when you’ll be out there not even hunting, and that opportunity gives a knock.  

My little pouch add on is pretty slick.  I always have my range finder even though I don’t always need or use it.  I have two knives each with replaceable blades, one I don’t love for gutting because the blade will come unattached, leaving a razor blade running around inside your animal just waiting to cut you, but it is the better skinning knife.  The other one is a sturdier version with nice sharp replaceable blade and was made for gutting, I really like this knife.  The electrician’s tape for securing your tags, never let your friends borrow this…you will never see it again!  Let them use some but take it right back!  It’s to hunters like a lighter is to smokers…keep your eyes on it.  Then there is my pride and joy!  My emergency wire wood cutting saw.  It winds up nicely and neatly and will saw through the pelvis without nicking the bladder or anything else.  You just loop it under, insert fingers in the loops, pull up and saw back and forth.  This tool is good for 3 deer pelvises and one elk.  Then you need a new one.  You might want to carry two, elk are tough on them.  The look on your friends face when they see this for the first time is priceless.  You will turn them into believers, and they too will carry one.

And if by chance you need something clean to lay your heart, livers or caul fat on while you are finishing up.  Pull out that silver emergency blanket, they are cheap and handy as heck for a nice clean area to work from.

Have Binos, will Travel…..



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